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Elements Destiny Logo Elements

What is Elements Destiny?

Everything you need to know about the game!

What happened?

Solitas is in danger!

Erika learns this from a mysterious stranger named Airic O' Fory. He warns her and her future companions of another shadow crusade, an approaching threat that already took countless lives in Solitas 24 years ago. Only the descendants of the Clans of the Elements have the power to avert it - descendants like Erika. And so she embarks on a journey into the unknown that will take her throughout Solitas and perhaps beyond.

This is where you come in!

Pave the way for you and your destiny!

Join Erika on her mission! Find all those who have been chosen to walk this path with her and awaken their elemental powers. These not only open up unique possibilities in battle, but also help you overcome various obstacles along the way. Defeat terrifying monsters, treacherous adversaries ... and sometimes Erika's own fears.

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You can't do it alone ...

Strengthen the bonds of friendship!

Along the way, Erika, Lia, Maline and Karen meet a variety of different personalities. Each of them could take the story in a new direction. Which one, however, remains to be seen.

Every heroine has a different talent!

Craft, brew and forge what you need!

The heroines have their own talents, which you can use to your advantage. Karen, as a scholar, has discovered the art of brewing potions and will be able to make various tinctures. Lia, a blacksmith from a young age, creates durable weapons for the group. With colourful and bombastic handicrafts from Maline's crafting booth, you can really give enemies a run for their money! So get to work!

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Temple of the World Gate purple clouds black background

Decode the clues ...

Bit by bit, put the puzzle pieces you discover during your journey together. The goal is clear, but the paths to it are more branched out than they seem. Has the battle between light and darkness always been preordained? And what role do you play in all of this?

Do you accept your fate?  

◄  Or are you carving your own path?

Can you change the future?

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