Elements Destiny - Wishlist on Steam now!

Finally, the time has come! Elements Destiny has got its own Steam page! There you can see the latest ingame screenshots (not final) and more details about the game.

Click here to go to the Elements Destiny Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1635500/Elements_Destiny/

Please support the game with one click and add it to your wishlist, this helps us a lot regarding the Steam algorithm! 🙏

The more the game wishlists, the better the game stands on the platform, so we'd be happy 🍪 if you share the page and our posts, e.g. on Twitter(https://twitter.com/GameEDofficial), with all your friends!

Thank you for everything!

At this point, we as a team would like to thank you very much for your support so far! We work on Elements Destiny for you every day, sometimes from dawn to dusk, and hope that you are at least as excited about the release as we are! With every step, every music track and every map, the excitement is building and we can't wait to let you experience Solitas. Your hype and all your messages are our fuel, so once again a huge thank you for all your support! 💜

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