n the past year, a lot has happened. And even more will happen this year. Time to look back. And to look ahead. Elements Destiny's review of the year!
In this blogpost, composer Gianny Abel explains how he created the track to the Fire Dungeon (published with the blogpost).
Elements Destiny - Now wishlisting on Steam! Finally, the time has come! Elements Destiny has its own [...]
Developer Update: In the Twitch livestream from 09.08.2021, the artwork of 12 characters and 5 new songs of the Elements Destiny soundtrack were revealed!
Areas, cities, dungeons - they are literally the ground on which the story of a game can take place. Wieland "Schilderich" Möbus shows you how he goes about mapping in Elements Destiny.
We interviewed our monster artists Somni and Gordon for you and wanted to know how they actually design monsters.
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