Adventure awaits you!

Experience the journey of Erika and her group in the world of Solitas!

Night after night, Erika is haunted by nightmares that always have the same outcome in store for her: Her death. On top of that, they contain confusing messages: Clans of the elements? Another shadow crusade? It is only when a traveller named Airic O' Fory visits her home that the mysterious veil is gradually lifted. For he has answers that will take Erika's life in an unexpected direction.

Meet our main characters!

Erika, Lia, Maline and Karen are the protagonists of our story!
Their profiles reveal a little more about them...

The Samurai


The Thief


The Scholar


What makes Elements Destiny special

Elements Destiny is a passion project, just waiting to captivate you.

Erika Idle Animation Gif Stretch Elements Destiny
Extensive voice acting

Over 40 professional German voices breathe life into the many different characters in our game world. 

Lia Idle Animation Gif Pixel
Dynamic graphics

Our team works with attention to detail on animated sprites, character portraits with changing emotions, imaginative creatures and much more!

Maline Idle Animation Gif Jump
Thrilling soundtrack

From retro JRPG sounds to jazz grooves to orchestral symphonies and shredding guitars - there's something for everyone.

Karen Idle Animation Pixel Gif
Emotional story

You can expect a diverse cast of characters to accompany you through the highs and lows of your adventure.

The voices

As a role-playing game, Elements Destiny places great emphasis on its characters. To breathe even more life into their personalities, much of the game is voiced in German!
Among others, our characters are being voiced by:

Photo Speaker Dubbing Voice Elements Destiny Corinna Dorenkamp Erika

Corinna Dorenkamp as


Known as:

Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

Photo Speaker Dubbing Voice Elements Destiny Maria Koschny Lia

Maria Koschny as


Known as:

Katniss (The Hunger Games)

Photo Speaker Dubbing Voice Elements Destiny Luisa Wietzorek Maline

Luisa Wietzorek as


Known as:

Ellie (The Last of Us Part II)

Photo Speaker Dubbing Voice Elements Destiny Daniela Molina Karen

Daniela Molina as


Known as:

Aqua (KonoSuba)


A variety of handmade tracks will musically accompany your journey - in both good times and bad!
Here is a small selection:

Area Themes

They create the right mood for all circumstances.

Track: Seaside Samba

Composer: Gianny Abel

Battle Themes

These titles set the tone in battle. Show what you've got!

Track: Big Bad Beast

Composer: Gidon Wolff

Character Themes

Some figures are even accompanied by an individual music track.

Track: Theme of Maline

Composer: Johannes Renner

Dungeon Themes

The right sounds for all kinds of puzzles and dangers. Can you find the way?

Track: Faith and Regrets

Composer: Andras Atlason

Developer blog

Take a look behind the scenes of our team's work!

n the past year, a lot has happened. And even more will happen this year. Time to look back. And to look ahead. Elements Destiny's review of the year!
In this blogpost, composer Gianny Abel explains how he created the track to the Fire Dungeon (published with the blogpost).
Elements Destiny - Now wishlisting on Steam! Finally the time has come! Elements Destiny has got its own Steam page! There you can [...]
Developer Update: In the Twitch livestream from 09.08.2021, the artwork of 12 characters and 5 new songs of the Elements Destiny soundtrack were revealed!

Our team

A collection of diverse, passionate developers and artists make the world of Elements Destiny come to life.

With the kind support of


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